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Man charged with statutory rape, incest against a 14 year old minor

Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.

VOINJAMA, LOFA COUNTY-A man charged with Statutory rape and incest is awaiting trial at the 10th Judiciary Circuit Court in Lofa County.

Francis Nyumah, also known as Mohammed of Lisco Community, admitted that he slept with his fourteen-years-old step daughter five times and got her impregnated.

According to our Correspondent, Mohammed’s wife is nine months pregnant and keeps away from her husband, because she is expected to give birth soon.

Our Correspondent said the 10th Judicial Circuit Court document revealed on November 15, 2018 that the accused took advantage of the minor who lives with them to satisfy his sexual desire.

But medical practitioners are considering carrying out legal abortion to avoid risking the child’s life, especially during delivery.

Still in Lofa County, a man accused of murdering a student of the Sumo Kota Public School in June this year has pleaded not guilty.

Sumowou Ballah’s not guilty plea has caused the court to set up a fifteen man jury yesterday, November 15,  during official opening of the case and it continues today.


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