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Weahs technical staff gets LFAs endorsement

By Richard Manuba
Ambassador George Weah
Ambassador George Weah

(lbsonline/Liberia)-Names recently forwarded to the Liberia Football Association (LFA) to constitute the new Interim Technical Team, have received the local FA’s backing.

The names were forwarded to the LFA by the Lonestar’s special vetting committee, headed by Soccer legend, George Manneh Weah. The team is mandated to lead Liberia into next month’s FIFA World Cup 2014 qualifier match with Uganda in Monrovia.

The Weah Special Vetting Committee is charged with the responsibility of examining the credentials of coaches for possible employment with the Lone Star Technical Team.

There have been some stir-ups amongst Football stakeholders concerning the Weah Special Vetting Committee’s credibility in the process.

Football stakeholders are questioning the decision to include the names of Messrs. Joe Nagbe and Frank Jericho Nagbe on the vetting committee and, at the same time, vetting themselves to serve on the Interim Technical Team.

The FA President, Musa Bility, said: “This is the conflicting issue with the Weah-appointed Interim Technical Staff, headed by Mr. Weah as Chairman.”

“The trio can, however, go ahead and put together a team for the Uganda duel.”

Mr. Bility made the statement at his LFA’s office in Monrovia Wednesday 27th February, 2013 during a news conference.

He said: “I have no objection to the names Mr. Weah has forwarded to us to work along with the national team on an interim basis.” I rely on the experience of Mr. Weah, who is not a mere Footballer, but someone with a special place in World Football.”

“Mr. Weah is on an enviable record as Football’s first and only African player to win the Balon d’or [World Best Footballer] in 1995, sweeping three other laurels, including the European Best and African Best,” the Liberian FA President also said.

Mr. Bility said: “Mr. Weah is the only Liberian whose Football knowledge should not be questioned by people not close to his landmark in the game.”

Frank Jericho Nagbe, who once obtained full employment with the Lonestar as head coach in 2006, returns to the team in similar post.

Mr. Nagbe’s return is under a provisional arrangement as his deputy, Thomas Kojo, another ex-international, is currently managing top club, Barrack Young Controllers (BYC). Joe Armstrong Nagbe, former Captain of the senior national team, gets Weah’s preferment to the post of Physical Trainer.

lbsonline can confirm that after it became public that the three retired internationals were handed the task, they immediately began working along with a cream of top-notch home-based players featuring in the LFA League.

They will also have to include in their plans, some top performing Liberian players trading with overseas clubs. Critics think it is out of order for vetting committee members to direct their vetting exercise to their own members and not to coaches outside of the committee.

In the long race to qualify for the Brazil 2014 World Cup, Liberia has just a point from three matches. Senegal tops with four points while Uganda and Angola have three points each.

In thirteen years, Liberia has failed to reach the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations, while efforts to make it to the FIFA World Cup have been farfetched for over seventy-seven years now; the exact age of the Liberia Football Association (LFA). 


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