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Proposed price ceiling to end price war between GSM operators-says LTA Commissioner

Francis Pelenah/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Commissioner for Corporate Governance at the Liberia Telecommunications Authority says the proposed price ceiling for voice call and data is intended to end the price war between the GSM operators in the sector.

Mr. Israel Akinsanya said over the last few years, price war between the major GSM operators in the country has had an impact on the quality of service to consumers.

Mr. Akinsanya also said the ongoing situation has adversely affected the market and created downward trend in income.

He said since:” The price war started in 2013, business income in the sector has dropped from 115 million to 100 million United States Dollars in 2017.”

Such consistent drop, according to the LTA Official, is affecting government’s ability to collect the needed revenue from the sector.

Speaking in an ELBC interview Friday, December 7,2018, Mr. Akinsanya said the latest intervention by the LTA is not taking anything away from customers as it is been perceived in some quarters.

Mr. Akinsanya added that the new price ceiling for voice call and internet data is a result of a well-informed cost analysis done in 2016 which was agreed upon by the GSM Operators in Liberia.


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