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Residents of Lower Madgibi County want cementery close…

Steven Dorbor/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.

UNIFICATION CITY,LOWER MARGIBI COUNTY-Residents of Unification City, Lower Margibi County, are calling for the immediate closure of the cemetery in the area.

The  cementary is said to be  overcrowded and predomemntly  inhabited by disadvantegd individuals , porpularly refered to as  “ Zogos.”

The Zogos  are allegedly using the cementry for smoking and other harmful practices against residents of the community.

Some of the  residents told our correspondents that  some people are still ignoring  the Health  Ministry’s   regulations  for the public  to desist from secret burial, especially during the night hours.

Some of the burials are allegedly taking place near water wells in the area.

The unification City Residents said relocating the Cemetery will reduce crime rate and prevent the city from potential health hazard.


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