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U.S. gives US$6m for child labor elimination

By Joseph Sayon

 (lbsonline/Liberia)-The United States Department of Labor has provided US$6M to help eliminate child labor at various rubber plantations and other agriculture related sectors in the country.

The money is being channeled through a children labor advocacy group (WINROCK) International.

Labor Minister, Varbah Gayflor, has welcomed the initiative and extolled the United States Government’s commitment to the fight against child labor in the rubber sector.

According to a release, Minister Gayflor made the statements recently when the US Ambassador to Liberia, Deborah Malac, visited Madam Gayflor at the Labor Ministry in Monrovia.

She told the US Ambassador: “The Labor Ministry will ensure the provision of decent jobs for Liberian workers, in keeping with the country’s labor laws and international conventions.”

“The Ministry is already collaborating with every stakeholder in the labor sector.   The collaboration is to insure industrial peace and harmony to continue attracting investors to the country.

For her part, Ambassador Malac called for increased training opportunities for Liberian youths to enable them acquire employable skills to meet the current job demand.

Ambassador Malac recommended the creation of job-entry-data to  show-case available jobs in the public and private sectors.

She said: “If this is done, it will enable people apply for such jobs.”


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