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FDA recommences logging companies operations

By Maxwell Johnson

(lbsonline/Liberia)-The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has reportedly authorized logging companies in Liberia to immediately resume operations.

FDA gave the authorization Thursday 28th February, 2013, following a meeting with logging companies and the leadership of the Liberia Timber Association (LTA) of Whein Town in Paynesville.

Paynesville is a provincial city, few miles away from Monrovia, the Liberian Capital. The city is the second largest and famous economic enclave next to Monrovia.

According to the Acting President of the LTA, John Deah, logging will resume under three of the four licenses, including the Forest Management Contract (FMC), the Timber Sale Contract (TSC) and the Community Contract (CC).

Mr. Deah said: “The Private Use Permits (PUPs) still remain suspended, but disclosed that discussions on its operation will take place later.”

He, however, did not specify when the discussions would take place. Mr. Deah made the statement following the Thursday meeting.

He said: “FDA’s authorization to logging companies in Liberia is a step in the right direction.”

The FDA pronouncement comes barely a day, following the Supreme Court’s ruling, mandating the Liberian Government to lift the moratorium on logging activities in the country.

Government recently halted all logging activities in Liberia, following a discovery of a huge financial scandal in the operations of the PUPs.          


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