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LBS Director General urges employees to be dedicated to duty

Liberian Observer/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Legerhood J.Rennie,Director General,LBS
Legerhood J.Rennie,Director General,LBS

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), Ledgerhood Rennie, has urged employees of the State run Broadcast Institution to always demonstrate commitment and dedication to duty.

Mr. Rennie said for LBS to adequately deliver its mandate, it will take the collective efforts of the entire LBS work force to perform their respective duties.

He said when people worked hard they must be recognized and in some cases it usually do not go with monetary value but serve as motivation factors to encourage those individuals to redouble their working responsibilities.

“LBS Management will regularly carry on such honoring program as a means of motivating employees to become more productive in executing the mandate of the National Broadcaster”, Mr. Rennie he emphasized.

The LBS Director General said unlike in the religious sitting and other organizations where people are recognized or honored because on huge contributions in cash and materials, that was not the case at the entity, it was LBS employees themselves that selected those who were honored for the outstanding role they played in the various departments.

He spoke over the weekend at the LBS Compound in Paynesville during the honoring and certification program held by the System Management for some hard working employees of the National Broadcasting for the year 2018.
Ten employees of the System were from the various departments of the Liberia Broadcasting System were honored and certificated.

Those honored and certificated were Ms. Martha Cooper of the Operations Department who was as the Most Outstanding and hardworking employee of the year 2018.

Ms. Cooper was awarded thirty-two thousand Liberian Dollars with twenty United States Dollars for her dedication to duty as a Janitor.

Others were Jonathan O, Grigsby, Snr., News Department, Tarnue Gobeh, Engineering Department, Fahn B. B. Kanneh, Language Department and Rural Broadcast, Morris Baryougar, Television Department and Ms. Musu Sirleaf, Radio Department.

Others included Bernice Tokpah, Internal Audit Unit, Amelia Beyan, Account Department, John Yormie, Security Department and Augustine Sambula, Procument Department.

LBS Deputy Director General for Administration, Estella Liberty Kemoh said the ceremony was intended to recognize some of the System’s employees for their endless contributions rendered in 2018 to move the entity forward.

Mrs. Kemoh: “They will be honored and certificated today because they put in extra time and extra responsibilities in their daily work that were not only noticed by the LBS Management but the employees themselves”.

She narrated that honoring and certification program of employees was the idea of LBS Management but the selection of the ten employees drawn the attention of the entire System workforce for their commitment and dedication to duty.

Mrs. Kemoh informed other employees that they all contributed to the operations of the entity and thanked them too for their services to LBS.
“Let all of us continue to work and be united to move LBS forward because for now there where we find ourselves”, She stated.

In brief remark, LIBSWU Vice President, Bernice Tokpah, said the initiative will serve as an impetus to the honorees and other workers and called on the employees to respect management.

For their part, the Heads of the various department, thanked the System Management for such initiative and said the selection of the ten employees were no mistake as they committed to their respective duties.

Meanwhile, the Most Outstanding and hardworking employee of the year 2018, Ms. Martha Cooper described her selection as a surprise and lauded the LBS Management and her colleagues for the recognition.


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