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Mighty Barrolle gets new leadership

The BSA Press/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
President-elect of Mighty Barrolle Sports Association,Hon.Alax Tyler
President-elect of Mighty Barrolle Sports Association,Hon.Alax Tyler

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Mighty Barrolle Sports Association (BSA) has elected former House Speaker, Hon. J Alex Tyler, as National President of the Association.

The association also elected Presidential Advisor and Business Executive, Dr. Emmanuel Shaw, as Board Chairman.

According  to a press release February 13,2019,  from  the Kanyan Pepper Club, the  election  of  the  two senior members  of  the  Association came  out  of  a National Retreat of  the  club  held  Sunday, February  10, 2019 at a local resort  in Sinkor.

The release said the election has now closed the acting leadership role being performed over the years by several actors.

Those who  acted as presidents  of  the (BSA) after  the  election  of Alhaji G-V- kromah  in  the late  80s were appointed by  the  Board.

Some of those who acted as presidents were, Joseph Merchant, Garmonder Kangar, Information Minister Eugene Nagbe and former Liberian Ambassador to the United Nations, Lewis Brown.

Others are former Gender Minister, Julia Duncan Cassel, and lately Ivan Brown, Chairperson of the Liberia Telecommunication Authority.

The  more  than forty  delegates at  the  one  day  retreat  were drawn from across  the Country.
The election of former Speaker Tyler,  and  the  Board Chair  Shaw  to those positions  within  the Association, according  to  the  release, has rekindled the aspiration  of   fans  and  supporters  of   the Association across  the  Country.

The  release  also  said  former Speaker Tyler, won  on white ballot,  while  former Mighty Barrolle defender and  a  one-time  skipper Washington Blay,  got  defeated by   businessman Emmanuel Shaw.

Speaking  after  his ascendency  to  the  presidency of  the Association, Former Speaker Tyler said  he  was glad  to  take over  the Association.

President- elect Tyler told  the  delegates  that there was  no room  for  complacency,  adding  we will  make  Barrolle a corporate entity.

The Rollers  Boss , flanked  by  his  newly elected Board Chair Dr. Emmanuel Shaw, used  the  occasion  to challenge  the kanyan pepper family not  to  sit  on  the  fence, but  to  work  together  for  the  betterment  of the club.

For his part, Board Chair elect Dr. Emmanuel Shaw thanked the delegates for electing them to lead the Association.

The presidential advisor told his fellow rollers to see their ascendency as a new beginning.

He, however, said the board under his stewardship will support the leadership of the president - elect.

Meanwhile, reports from the office of the president elect say preparations for their induction will soon get underway.


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