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Central Bank wants public investment in its Bill

BST Release/Maximilian Kasse3h, Jr.
Central Bank of Liberia
Central Bank of Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) is encouraging businesses, financial institutions and the public to invest in its Bill and receive as much as seven percent.

The Bill which requires a minimum investment of at least ten thousand Liberian Dollars will be launched February 15, 2019.

According to a CBL release issued on February 15, 2019,, investors unwilling to wait for a year, can re-sell their CBL Bill to any prospective buyer and still make profit on their initial investments.

The Bank mentioned that investors who may re-sell their investment after six months stand to gain a three-hundred-fifty Liberian Dollars profit.

The release said there are no risks to those who invest in the Bill, because it is guaranteed by the CBL, adding that if there is a change in the exchange rate, such change will have no impact on their investments.

It said the purpose of the CBL Bill is to create a culture of savings among Liberians and promote financial inclusion for the Liberian People.

The release also said those who invest in the Central Bank Bill can use same as collateral to obtain loan for investment in other business ventures.

Though the required minimum investment is ten-thousand Dollars, there is no limit to how much one can invest in the CBL’s saving program.

The release also noted that this is not the first time CBL has issued its Bill, as the Bank has been issuing Bills since 2013 through financial institutions.


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