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LAVI, P4DP and locals push for Stand Alone Bail

Jos Garneo Cephas/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
The project during  an outreach in parts of Liberia
The project during an outreach in parts of Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - Local districts and communities’ people have begun lauding the Legislature for reviewing and combining the County and Social Development Funds under the Budget Law.

According to them, three members of Montserrado County District 17, 7 and a local NGO- Mighty Unit- supported by a coalition of eight civil society organizations. want their Legislators pass the Stand Alone Bail which is currently before them.

Sheik Kamara and Gibson Nymah of District 17 and 7, including Madam Sadiah Weede, the head of Mighty Unit, Inc. told ELBC Tuesday, February 19, 2019 that if the bail i passed, it will lessen the burden of their Legislators and encourage full women participation by 25% in   counties decision making.

According to the Monitoring and Emulation Officer of Platform for Dialogue and Peace (P4DP,) Monica Dolo, the Legislators have being willing and cooperative from the inception of the program since early 2016 until the crafting of the Stand Alone Bail.

The P4DP M&E Officer said the project is being implemented through local districts and communities’ people along with a coalition of eight civil societies’ organizations with support from USAID-LAVI.

Madam Dolo said the Bail when pass will promote local ownership for locals to manage their County Development Fund because the suggestion for full participation to make decision at the county, district and community-levels bring them closer to governance, and to feel the immediate impacts of  development that will enhance good governance.

Currently the concern local people of various districts, counties and communities said they were on the verge to change the old order in which development was being determined and implemented by either the Legislators or the Superintendents without the inputs of local people.


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