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Selega and Samuduo Towns in Lofa County to end boundary disputes

Lucia Dohr/Maximilian K.Kasseh,Jr
Voinjama District,Lofa County
Voinjama District,Lofa County

Citizens of Selega and Samuduo Towns in Lofa County have resolved to end a long-standing boundary dispute between the two towns.

Our Correspondent told ELBC Thursday, February 21, 2019,that the two towns have been in land dispute since 1936.

Several interventions have been made with resolutions drafted and signed, but those resolutions were allegedly being breached, so the two parties were displeased with the outcome of the mediation.

Our Correspondent said Lofa County Superintendent, William Kamba, however organized a mediation team to look into the matter.

The Mediation team paid a special visit to the conflicting bordering area to gather more facts about the conflict to enable them give ruling into the matter.

During the meeting with the two parties, both Selega and Samuduo Towns agreed to peacefully co-exist.

At the end of the ruling, the two towns will sign the four-count Resolution to be approved by Superintendent William Kamba, Chairman of the Lofa Security Council.


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