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Police arrest 23 persons in Greenville…

Alfred Rogers/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
Grenville,Sinoe County,Liberia
Grenville,Sinoe County,Liberia

GREENVILLE, SINOE COUNTY, LIBERIA--Police have arrested Twenty-three persons in Greenville Sinoe County for allegedly beating and striping naked a man and his wife for reportedly violating the tradition of the area.

The action of the residents claiming to be traditional people resulted into mob-violence thus getting the Liberia National Police detachment in the County involved.

According to ELBC Sinoe County Correspondent, Max Koffa Klah, the violence also resulted to the damaged of one of the headlights on the car of the police commander who went to bring the situation under control.

Speaking to ELBC Monday, February 25, 2019, Correspondent Klah said the residents also mal-handled the acting Superintendent of Butaw District, and chopping out one of the ears of the Paramount Chief and making away with Five-hundred United States Dollars from him.

The residents, under the guise of traditional people, also beat one of the police officers during their mob action in Grisby Farm, Butaw District, Sinoe County.

The twenty- three persons are currently in police custody awaiting trial.


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