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NaFAA introduces Mobile Money payment

Jos Garneo Cephas
A Mobile Money  transaction taking place.
A Mobile Money transaction taking place.

BUCHANAN, LIBERIA - Authorities of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has introduced the mobile money payment system as a means of enabling fishermen easily pay their license and fees to obtain their 2019 fishing license across Liberia.

The mobile money payment which got underway February 24, 2019   in little Bassa fishing community in Grand Bassa County witnessed the flow of fanti fishermen. The Mobile Money Payment brought to two an alternatives initiated by NaFAA to have fishermen make their payment for licensees.

According to a press release issued by NaFAA, the fishermen mainly the fanti fishermen are enthusiastic about the introduction of the mobile money payment system which according to them would drastically reduce time  they can spend in staying at the LBDI Bank.

Speaking upon the arrival of NaFAA five men delegation in Southeast Liberia headed by NaFAA’s Communications Manager, Lewis Konoe, the Secretary General of the Fanti Fishermen in Little Bassa commanded NaFAA for the innovation. Mr. Kofi Annan said the introduction of the Mobile money payment system is timely and in the interest of members of the fishing community of Liberia.

He added that “it was a waste of time standing on the line at LBDI sometimes the whole day without being attended to due to the long lines”.

Mr. Annan who rallied the full supportof all fanti fishermen across Liberia and that of their counterparts “the kru/Liberian fishermen  to be in compliance of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority regulations as it relates to the payment of their fishing fees to obtain their licenses said it was time that everyone be in compliance.

For his part, NaFAA Grand Bassa County Enumerator/Officer Benjamin Siehlauded the Fanti Fishermen for been cooperative with  the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority NaFAA, previously the Bureau of National Fisheries, BNF.

Mr. Sieh challenged the Kru Fishermen who have not been in compliance over the years when it comes to the payment of their license fees to NaFAA, to comply because they would face the Liberian Coast Guard on the Sea.

He said the Coast Guard which has begun the inspection on the sea will size the vessels of illegal, unreported and unregulated canoes and vessels on Liberian waters and pack those vessels in the Buchanan port at which time they would pay port charges aside from the NaFAA license fees.

Meanwhile, the NaFAA delegation is currently in Rivercesss County as part of their operation to encourage fishermen there to pay for their fishing licenses.


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