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Liberia seeks Israel’s support in agriculture to …

Maximilian K. Kasseh, Jr.
MASHAV Agriculture Training Center,Israel
MASHAV Agriculture Training Center,Israel

President George Manneh Weah says Liberia seeks Israel’s support and collaboration to introduce modern technologies and agro-technical methods in the country.

President Weah said knowledge and skills transfer would increase the levels and quality of agricultural production in Liberia, and at the same time ensures food security and sustainable development.

Speaking Tuesday, February 26, 2019, at the MASHAV Agriculture Training Center in Israel, the Liberian Leader said:” Liberians are of the strongest conviction that the most effective means to a rapid reduction of poverty in our country is to develop our potential in the field of agricultural.”

He said although MASHAV is already involved in various aspects of agriculture development in Liberia, he wish to propose the formal establishment of a Liberia-Israel Center for Agricultural Training in Liberia, in collaboration with the MASHAV Training Center.

President Weah said this would establish extension and training centers in agriculture and allied fields that will promote farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability, thereby improving the living standards of Liberians.

The Liberian Leader said the project will further serve as a ready and lasting solution to the dangerously high rate of youth unemployment, through youth participation in the development of this sector, thus acquiring marketable skills and entrepreneurial training to enable them become productive citizens.
President said Liberia also seeks to benefit from agro-financing to the private sector in major priority commodities such as rice, cocoa, coffee, and oil palm, among others, adding that Israel’s leadership in agro-technology could also assist in the rapid transformation of the sector.

The Liberian Leader then thanked Israel for its hospitality and the presentations made to him concerning their vision and structure in partnering for a better world.

Liberia is a historic friend of Israel, and as President, I pledging his that my Administration’s desire to strengthen and extend the friendship subsisting between both countries.

Meanwhile, he again appreciated the UN sacrifices made in Liberia for which the country has become a success story, attributing Liberia’s peaceful transition from an incumbent democratically-elected Government to another democratically-elected Government for the first time in more than seventy (70) years to its efforts.

President Weah however considered Liberia’s peace as fragile, saying peace without prosperity is an unfinished agenda, and that a sustainable and lasting peace can only be maintained when buttressed and underpinned by growth and prosperity for all.

He said the Liberian economy is negatively impacted by external economic shocks, including reduction in global market prices for major export commodities such an iron ore and rubber, which has led to an adverse balance-of-payment situation and has seen a depreciation of the Liberian dollar to the US dollar.

President Weah said in order to address these challenges; his Administration developed a National Development Plan, the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development launched last November, Outlining its major pillars and objectives as to give power to the people; create jobs and improve the economy; and sustain the peace through good governance and transparency.


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