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Police in Lofa County probes death of a 23 year old woman

BST Release/Maximilian Kasse3h, Jr.

LOFA COUNTY, LIBERIA-Police in Lofa County are investigating the mysterious death of a 23 year-old woman identified as Sarah Moses.

The deceased is said to be a member of the Kissi Tribe and a resident of Kpangamia Town in Foyah District.

Madam Moses’ decomposed body was discovered by a 55 year-old man identified as Joseph Saah Laminee, and reported to the local Police in March, 2019.

ELBC’s Lofa County Correspondent on March 5, 2019, said following the incident, a team of LNP/CSD investigators were immediately sent to the crime scene, and it was discovered that a sharp instrument was used to kill Madam Moses.

Our Correspondent also said a Fifteen-Man Jury set-up to examine Madam Sarah Moses’ body observed foul-play in her mysterious death, as evident by a deep cut on her left hand.

Meanwhile, a 25 year-old man, Francis Matthew, believed to be Madam Moses’ lover, is said to be on the run because he is being suspected of having hand in the killing.

Our Correspondent also quotes some Kpangamia Town residents as saying prior to her death, Madam Moses and her boyfriend had serious misunderstanding that might have led to her killing.

Meanwhile, our Correspondent further disclosed that police in Lofa County are currently questioning five other persons in connection with the mysterious death of the lady.
He named those being questioned as Joseph Laminee, age 55,  Saah Kolay,   Saah Fallah, age 39, youth leader,  Glamah Varmah and Fayiah Blama, all of Kpangamia Town in Lofa County.


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