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Man arrested for killing elephant in Sapo National Park

Kofa Klah/Jos Garneo Cephas Sr
Some of the many animals in the park
Some of the many animals in the park

WESTERN LIBERIA, - SINOE COUNTY - Rangers of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) have arrested a hunter for allegedly killing four elephants in Nelson Village, Sinoe County.

According to ELBC Correspondent, A man called Saturday Jarwee, Killed a mother elephant in the Sapo National Park, leaving three calves devastated beside the corps of their Mother.

Mr. Jarwee then killed the three calves (baby elephants), butchered half of the elephant meat for sale on the local market.

Liberia’s Sapo National Park is Africa’s most extreme adventure tourism destination and it contains some of the largest primary tropical rainforests in West Africa. Few people have ever been there and those who have are probably in the ranks of the most intrepid and extreme tourists in the world. (  

According to ELBC Correspondent, the FDA Rangers discovered this when they were on their regular patrol, came across the remaining meat and when the accused was traced, linking him to the killing of the elephants.

Mr. Jarwee is currently in police custody. Meanwhile, the accused is expected to have appeared to Monday, March 11, 2019 before a panel of elders and FDA officials at the office of the Superintendent to give reasons for killing the protected species. 


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