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People choosing courts over violence –C J Korkpor

Fabine W. Kwiah
Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor
Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor says the gradual increase in cases on trial dockets shows that more people are choosing court settlement of disputes rather than resulting to violence.

Justice Korkpor said: “This is welcoming news for Liberia’s democracy; it is good for people to seek redress through the judicial system”. He urged Counselors to put in early requests to have their cases assigned and be in readiness for arrangements.

He made the remark Monday, March 11, 2019 at the Temple of Justice during the opening of the March Term of the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Korkpor further disclosed that for this term, there are 310 cases on the active trial docket and 15 on the motion calendar.

The Chief Justice said: “Cases covering the last quarter reveal a total of 743 cases were in the Circuit Court, 376 were disposed of and 13 forwarded to the Supreme Court, and 354 cases are pending”.


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