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Former Veep Boakai calls for national survey of disadvantaged youths

Zoquay Beysolow-Konneh/Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
Former  Vice President of Liberia
Former Vice President of Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - The former Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai, is calling for a national survey of disadvantaged youths in the Country.

Ambassador Boakai said: “Such initiative will assist Government secure proper record of disadvantaged youths commonly called Zogos, to identify them and to also serve as national document for possible rehabilitation and reintegration into society”.

Former Veep, Baokai spoke Monday, March 11, at program marking the Second Anniversary celebration and Thanksgiving of the Kimberline Youth for Jesus Christ Foundation held at the Winners Chapel International Church in Congo Town, Monrovia, called on government to ensure disadvantaged youths are enrolled in tuition free programs including TVET and Psychosocial Counseling.

The President of the Kimberline Youth Foundation, Isreal Evangeline King, alias, Aunt Jennie is meanwhile calling on government to rehabilitate and reintegrate disadvantaged youth in society.

She said: “It is the sacred responsibility of government to seek the welfare of its citizenry, especially the disadvantaged youth, commonly called-Zogoes, they are predominantly boys and girls engaged into all forms of criminality and branded as undesirable Liberians”.

For his part, Youth and Sports Minister, Zeogar Wilson, said: “The development of Liberian youth remains the priority focus for Government and Government is committed in ensuring that disadvantaged youth are taken off the streets, rehabilitated and reintegrated into society without discrimination”.


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