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Let women lawyers lead rape fight- Prez. Sirleaf

By Lucia Dohr

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is urging Liberian women to join the fight against rape and corruption cases in the country.

President Johnson-Sirleaf is particularly encouraging the Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) to lead the fight in the interest of all women and girls in the country.

The Liberian Leader said: “The number of rep[orts on my desk indicates that AFELL has not done much in the advocacy for women’s rights in Liberia.

According to a release, the President made the call Thursday 7th March, 2013 when she met with nine Liberian female lawyers in Monrovia.

The nine legal-minded women acknowledged the Liberian Leader’s assessment and promised that AFELL will do more in its advocacy role for women and girls throughout the country.

During the meeting, President Johnson-Sirleaf was briefed by AFELL’s President, Cllr. Teplah Reeves.

Cllr. Reeves said: “The President’s statement was a wake-up call on AFELL to subscribe to the passion that led to its formation.”

“My leadership is committed and will work more closely with the Gender Ministry and the Legislature to support the gender Equity Bill,” Cllr. Reeves said.

The AFELL President added: “We have gotten the courts to prosecute cases of sexual and gender-based violence, and are operating a legal aid clinic in Monrovia.”

She said: “There is a great need to open other legal aid clinics in Grand Bassa and Bomi Counties to enable women and girls in the western region have access to justice.”


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