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NIMBA COUNTY: 9 people including women fear dead in ritualistic killing

Victor Kezelee/ Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
A scene from one of the discovered bodies in parts of Nimba County.
A scene from one of the discovered bodies in parts of Nimba County.

NIMBA, LIBERIA – Report from Nimba County says nine people, including 7 women, have been allegedly killed in ritualistic activities.

The National Chairman of the Community Watch Forum of Liberia, Nyenai Kaffey, speaking with ELBC Friday, March 15, 2019 said: I got confirmation from the leadership of the Forum in Nimba that in less than three weeks, Heart Man activities are on the increase with people   being killed with body parts extracted”.

Mr.  Kaffey said the leadership of the Watch Forum in the county is held a key meeting early Friday morning to get people on the alert in trapping some of the perpetrators. The alleged killings have being taken place in Ganta, Tapita and Saniquellie Cities 

He vowed that within two weeks, the Watch Forum, in collaboration with the Liberia National Police will put the situation under control.

In another related development, according the Watch Forum has reported  that a certain woman, Beatrice Moses, 33  allegedly stole a day-old baby from a hospital in Bong County but was arrested in Nimba County by the Watch Forum and being held in police custody.

For the sometimes now Nimba County has being in the news for the of the bad reason in connection with ritualistic killing. It can be recalled that sometimes in 2018, there was report of a so-called 9 months medicine used to kill people perceived of extra marital affairs.


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