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Concerned Nimbaians to protest against ‘nine months’ or ritual killings

Fred Yeegbeh/Victor Kezelee
Some youth protesting against concession in Nimba
Some youth protesting against concession in Nimba

NIMBA, LIBERIA - A group of young people in Nimba County under the banner, Concerned Nimbaians, are threatening to engage in a peaceful march in Saclepea, Nimba County.

Recently, Nimba County has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, with reports of ritualistic killings, the use of medicine referred to as nine months to kill people perceived of engaging in to extra marital affairs and another killer referred to as Kpasia.

According to ELBC Lower Nimba County Correspondent, the march is in protest of the reported ritualistic killings, coupled with gender based-violence and the use of traditional medicine to kill people in the County.

The March 18,2019 report said the young people are gathering at the center square of Saclepea, with over five hundred students and civil society organizations, poised to present a position statement to claim Government’s attention.

The situation has claimed the attention of Nimba County Senator, Thomas Grupee who has reportedly condemned the acts and called for immediate end.


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