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Birthday party left several in critical condition over food poison?

William Decent Toe / Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.

MARGIBI, LIBERIA - A birthday party celebration called by two friends in Lower Margibi County has ended up sour, leaving with over 15 residents of Sawn Town, Lower Margibi County in critical condition.

The victims are said to be seeking medical treatment at the Dolo Town Health Center in the county. ELBC Lower Margibi County Correspondent quotes one Dallas Gueh, a victim who is undergoing severe stomach pain after he drank a cup of egg-nut that reportedly contained marijuana.

Our Correspondent said health workers in the County confirmed the condition of the victims. Meanwhile, Police have arrested the suspects who admitted to the act and are awaiting court trial.

Several suspects are under Police Custody pending investigation after the victims were rushed at Health Center when they reportedly ate food containing poison.

Two accused persons, Princess Best and Hannah Benda allegedly poisoned the party food, leaving their well-wishers in a critical condition leading to them going through severe stomach pains.

According to the report, the victims had gone to the birthday parties of two of their friends in the town prior to the incident.


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