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Milton Weeks lawyers filed motion to justify client’s sureties

Fabine W. Kwiah
Former CBL Governor, Milton Weeks
Former CBL Governor, Milton Weeks

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - Lawyers representing former CBL government Milton Weeks have filed a motion to justify sureties, requesting the court to deny and dismiss government’s claim of inadequate bond filed in favor of Milton Weeks.

Counselor Abraham Sillah said: “My client, defendant Milton Weeks is entitled to bail in line with the Constitution, and that his right of bail may be realized under statutory law”.

In a 31-count motion, the Heritage and Partners Associates, alleged that there is no absolute known law that requires a pre-trial detainee to post a pre - trial bond, doubling the amount alleged in the indictment.

According to the Motion, Weeks has satisfied his legal requirement, by filing with the Criminal Court sufficient sureties to secure his release from pre- trial detention. The Stay Order issued by the Monrovia City Court, according to Weeks lawyers, is in full force and effect.

Criminal Court C has ordered that defendant Weeks turns over his travelling documents, including diplomatic and ordinary passports, and to report to the Sheriff as directed, and remained within the jurisdiction of the court, except by leave of the court.

Weeks’ legal team in their counts further noted that, the crimes for which he and others were charged are non- capital offenses, and said in keeping with the constitutional mandate, proffered a valid, sufficient property valuation.                                                       

His lawyers argued in the counts on reliance, that the Supreme Court concluded that economic sabotage statute is unconstitutional as it requires an accused to post a cash bond in the amount equivalent to the amount charged.

Last week government lawyers filed to Criminal Court C, asking Judge Boima Conto set aside the defendants bond terming it as insufficient and adequate, thereby praying the court to have them rearrested and place in common jail, at the Monrovia Central prison.

Defendant Weeks lawyers filed property bond valued over nine hundred thousand United States dollars, along with sureties.

Weeks’ lawyers are also asking the court to permit him and his sureties to appear and justify their bond in keeping with law, and dismissed governments’ exception to their bail bond.

Former CBL governor Milton Weeks, Deputy Governor Charles Sirleaf, Dorbor Hagba, Richard Walker, and Joseph Dennis were arrested detained for the printing of unauthorized millions of Liberian dollars bank notes.


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