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50 arrested over alleged mob violence, killing two

Aloysius Markor/Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
A scene of the Nimba violence(Pix) FPA
A scene of the Nimba violence(Pix) FPA

NIMBA, LIBERIA - At least 50 persons have been arrested in Ganta, Nimba County for their alleged involvement in Wednesday’s mob-violence leading to the deaths of two persons.

The victims were accused of being involved in series of alleged ritualistic killings in upper Nimba County.

ELBC Correspondent said while the Police were negotiating with the driver of a commercial vehicle to take them to Sanniequellie for investigation, angry crowd stormed the vehicle. According to our Correspondent, the crowd, most of whom motorcyclists, overpowered the police and beat the two men to death.

Meanwhile, the Head of Crime Service Division of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Nimba County, James Karto said the arrested persons are undergoing investigation in Ganta.

Mr. Karto told ELBC that those who committed the act are mostly motorcyclists and suspected criminals.


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