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LAC staff Fayiah Kertor 40, mysteriously missing

Kolubah Zazay/Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
residents demanding their missing collegue at the LAC Plantation's Hospital
residents demanding their missing collegue at the LAC Plantation's Hospital

BUCHANAN, LIBERIA - Report in from Grand Bassa County says tension is brewing among residents over the disappearance of Mr. Fayiah Kertor 40, and employee of the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC).

According to the report, Kertor is said to have gone to seek medication at the LAC hospital and went missing over the weekend and his whereabouts remain unknown. The mysterious disappearance of Kertor drew the attention of police after family members and other friends raised concerns over his whereabouts.

Grand Bassa County Superintendent, Janjay Baipkeh confirmed  the incident  Wednesday, March 28, 2019  and said the situation has now been brought under control following the intervention of the  county authorities and the National Police.

Superintendent Baipkeh wants residents hold their peace as the Liberia National Police investigates the matter.

Police have so far arrested three nurses along with two security guards and launched an investigation over the disappearance of the LAC employee from the company’s own hospital locate near Wahzohn, a commerce district, a part of electoral District #3B.

The report says some of the nurses at the hospital, protested in demand of the release of their colleagues, which had hampered normal working activities at the hospital.


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