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First death from cholera in Mozambique

The doses are given by mouth (archive shot)
The doses are given by mouth (archive shot)

The first death from cholera has been confirmed in the cyclone-hit Port City of Beira.

The cases of the disease in Beira City have almost doubled in Mozambique in the past 24 hours.

Cyclone Idai, which hit on March 14 caused massive flooding and killed more than 700 people across southern Africa. More than 500 cases of cholera have since been reported in Beira.

Aid efforts in Mozambique are now focused on containing the disease with a large vaccination campaign under way. Some 517 cases of the disease had been reported by Sunday, up from the figure of 271 announced on Saturday.

The World Health Organization is quoted by the BBC as saying; at least 900 thousand vaccinedoses would be arriving in the Port City this week.


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