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Musa Bility losses CAF Executive seat bid

Richard Manubah
Defeated CAF-Executive Committee Membership hopeful, Musa Hassan Bility
Defeated CAF-Executive Committee Membership hopeful, Musa Hassan Bility

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-Liberia, through its Football President, Musa Hassan Bility, reportedly failed to become an Executive Committee member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

According to mylbsonline reporter, the Liberian candidate was massively beaten by Benin’s Amadou Diakite at the Confederation’s Ordinary Congress held Sunday 10th March, 2013 in Marrakech, Morocco.

After rallying Liberia’s support and canvassing the support of other voters in the West African Zone ‘A’, Mr. Bility was defeated heavily by Mr. Diakite with an overwhelming 35 votes against Mr. Bility’s 7.

At the Congress, he also saw himself trailing behind his fellow runners-up, Senegal’s Augustin Senghor, who managed 12 votes, at most.

The weekend’s CAF polls could be seen as a conspiracy to deny the Anglophone Countries from forming part of the CAF’s membership as all of their candidates were beaten by their Francophone counterparts.

In Zone ‘B’, of the western bloc, Nigeria’s Aminu Mohammed Miagari lost to Benin’s Anjorin Moucharafou 35-19 votes in a 2nd round poll. The Nigerian had pulled 17 votes against Niger’s Hima Souley’s 9 in the 1st round of voting.

Another misfortune for the English speaking Countries was South Africa Danny Jordaan’s failure to win at the CAF 2013 Congress. Mr. Jordaan had successfully chaired South Africa’s local organizing committee for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

In the Southern Region polling, Suketu Patel of Seychelles Island was re-elected to the CAF Executive Committee post, having obtained 33 votes, while Jordaan finished 3rd with 23 votes in the 1st round.

Mr. Jordaan then qualified to run again in the 2nd round in the South African bloc, but still lost to a Madagascan, only identified as Ahmad, 27-21 votes.

From Namibia and the Portuguese speaking nation, Mozambique, John Muinjo and Fezal Sidat voted only for themselves in the 2nd round as they got only one vote each.

As it relates to his firm advocacy that Hayatou has had too much of time at the helm of CAF and that it was time for him to surrender the job to “fresher minds.",

The LFA President again failed to obtain any support, as his protest did not attract the interest of fellow delegates, so Hayatou stood in the election unopposed.

The ‘mighty’ Issa Hayatou was elected unanimously to continue the confederation’s top job for the sixth time, after his first election 10th March, 1988.

Mr. Hayatou was the only candidate for the Executive Committee’s Presidency, making Bility’s widely-publicized claims and protests utterly immaterial.

As Mr. Bility returns home from Morocco, it would be quite rewarding, if he turns his attention to matters on the ground. Convincingly, Liberia produced the only African footballer to win the FIFA Balon d’or [world Best Footballer of the year].

Ironically, the Country has only appeared twice at the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations, the first in 1996 [South Africa] and the 2nd in 2002 [Mali].

Some Liberian football enthusiasts have been saying: “It is too early for Mr. Bility’s ambition to climb so high at the helm of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).”

“Mr. Bility has gone beyond his reach, because, the politics at such a high level of the federation is chronically steep for a stranger like Bility to succeed in changing the status quo,” the football enthusiasts said.

The current term is Hayatou’s last as he will be 70 years of age at the end of 2017. CAF’s statute only has age limitation to the Presidency of the body, but one can run as many times he, or she desires.

At the end of Mr. Hayatou’s renewed 4-year tenure, he would have served CAF for 30 consecutive years as the confederation’s President.


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