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Firestone –Liberia redundant 200 workers, target total of 800

Emmanuel Degleh/Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.

HARBEL, LIBERIA - Firestone-Liberia has redundant over 200 of its employees with immediate effect following recent pronouncement.

According to ELBC correspondent, Firestone-Liberia is effecting the redundancy scheme due to economic reasons, coupled with low production on the plantation.

The situation has created mixed – feelings among workers of the company. According to some of the redundant employees they said:” Firestone –Liberia’s action is abrupt, so we want the government of Liberia to shiftily intervene in our situation”.

Meanwhile, Firestone-Liberia Management has assured the affected employees that their just benefits associated with redundancy will be given them.

The redundancy process continues Monday April 15, 2019 as a means for Firestone-Liberia to meet the target of 800 employees expected to be affected under the scheme.

Two months ago, Firestone – Liberia announced that it was about to redundant about 800 of its employees, citing the lack of funding to maintain the affected workers.


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