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Civil Law Court places stay order…

Fabine Kwiah/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The civil law court has placed a stay order on the implementation on the enforcement of the order to impose surcharges and price floors on services in the telecommunication sector by the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA).

This was based on a complaint filed by Orange Liberia through the Public Interest Law office for a petition for judicial review of the LTA Act.

The court also order that the LTA stops all proceedings, pending the hearing and final determination of the complaint filed by Orange Liberia.

In a sixteen count petition, Orange GSM among other things contended that despite the regulatory authority vested in the LTA over the telecommunication sector, the LTA cannot determine and impose surcharge.

Orange Liberia said:” Indeed it is the Legislature with the approval of the President that has the authority to impose surcharge and not the LTA.”

Earlier the House of Representative through its Committee on Post and Telecommunications cited the LTA to a meeting, instructing it to provisionally cut off imposing additional surcharge on all local calls, until the committee and Board of Commissioners hold a consultative meeting.


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