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Last Well responds to water crisis in Lofa County

John Kumeh /Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
One of the  hand pumps installed by Last Well
One of the hand pumps installed by Last Well

FAYA,KOLAHUM DISTRICTS,LOFA COUNTY-An American charity, Last Well has responded robustly to the water crisis in Foya and Kolahun   Districts in Lofa County.

The charity response is based on an article    carried in the April 24 Edition of the Daily Observer under the caption:” Foya Kolahun Districts Suffer Acute Water.”

According to the charity, Senior WASH Advisor, Abdul Koroma, the respond of the charity is part of its mandate to ensure that Liberians have access to safe drinking water.

He describes the water crisis in the two districts as appalling and regrettable for Liberians to go through such a suffering.

Mr. Koroma disclosed that his organization has dispatched its contractors to Lofa to carry on a robust assessment aimed at addressing the situation in the two districts.

He further disclosed that Last Well intervention will not only be focused on the two districts, but the    entire county.
Koroma said:” We will construct 116 new hand pumps and rehabilitate 161 hand pumps.”

He indicated that charity will also carry out the distribution of 5,500 Water Filter buckets in the county.

The charity is, meanwhile, calling on other partners operating in the county to carry out some intervention to assist citizens of the two districts.

He said Last Well will continue to the respond to the needs of Liberians on the line of providing safe drinking water.

The two districts in the county are said to be densely populated, and the water crisis started in March of this year.

According to reports, citizens in these two districts have to wake up at 4:30 AM to fetch water.

Kolba City or town is one of the worst areas hit by the water shortage.

It is reported that the town does not have a hand pump, thus making it extremely difficult for residents to have access to safe drinking water.

The respond of Last Well has been described by many in the county as timely and lifesaving gesture by the American charity.


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