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EPA becomes MAB National Committee Chair for 1st Biosphere reserve in Liberia

Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
Participating experts, with an inserted  proposed Wonegizi Biosphere Reserve in Lofa County
Participating experts, with an inserted proposed Wonegizi Biosphere Reserve in Lofa County

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- he Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been selected to Chair a newly formed Liberia MAB National Committee for the transformation of the Wonegizi Forest Reserve into the country’s first National Biosphere Reserve in Lofa County, Liberia.

The EPA Deputy Executive Director, Randall Dobayou, who proxy on behalf of the Executive Director-General, Nathaniel Blamah, said: “We acknowledged that Liberia is disadvantaged for failure to create a national biosphere”.

According to Mr. Dobayou, “EPA will not hesitate under its chairmanship to make Liberia get on pal in benefiting similar numerous supports our counterparts’ countries are receiving from UNISCO”.

The EPA has lauded UNISCO and pledged government’s fullest support for an ongoing discussion for the creation of a proposed ‘Wone-Ziama Trans-boundary Biosphere between Guinea and Liberia.

Several Liberians and Guineans development and environmental experts at a UNESCO Capacity Development and Education training for government agencies, private sector, civil society and the tourism sector, held Tuesday April 23-25, 2019 at the Corina Hotel in Sinkor Monrovia.

A biosphere reserve is an ecological reserve with three zones to protect endemic animal spices and human habitat, empower community and provide economic sustainable conservation.

The national experts also proposed a ‘Wone-Ziama Trans-boundary Biosphere between Guinea and Liberia.

The training facilitator, UNESCO Regional Science Officer in Abuja, Nigeria, Dr. Osuji Otu,said: “Liberia has not benefited from UNESCO’s economic, health, educational and research support programs due to the lack of biosphere reserve in Liberia”.

The Liberia MAB National Committee’s technical members along with the new EPA Chairmanship have drew up work plans and set a deadline to complete the filing process with UNESCO, then  subsequently continue the on-going discussion with the Republic of Guinea for the nomination process of the trans-boundary biosphere.


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