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Rivercess experiences rapid increase in basic commodities, transport fare

Al Bowier/ Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
The old destroyed Timbo River Bridge
The old destroyed Timbo River Bridge

RIVERCESS, LIBERIA-Reports say transportation fare and the price of other basic commodities are rapidly on the increase in Rivercess County.

The situation is being attributed to the heavy down pour that washed away the detour route at the Old Timbo River Bridge in the County.

ELBC Correspondent in an interview Monday, said motorcyclists are charging LD$ 6,000, while a dollar cell phone credit scratch card is now being sold at LD$ 250, a 25kg bag of rice is sold for LD$3,200, among others commodities.

The Supervisor of the Timbo bridge project, Napoleon David, is appealing to the Ghanaian Community to help with their motorized boats to be used for transport purposes enabling travelers to cross to and from Rivercess County.

People earlier had to spend about eight hours at the bridge before crossing.


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