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Return Liberia to Christian State-churches

By Titus Tokpah
The Words of God
The Words of God

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-Liberians, under the banner, Christian Churches, are campaigning for YES or NO vote that will return Liberia to a Christian State.

The campaign intensified Tuesday March 19, 2013 when several persons believed to be Christians, paraded the grounds of the Capitol in Monrovia.

The Capitol is the official seat of Liberia’s National Legislature that comprises two distinct houses, the House of Senate and the House of Representatives.

The procession at the Capitol was intended to request the National Legislature to officially declare Liberia a “Christian State. “

The group, comprising members of diverse Christian Churches, believes that such decision will halt the prolonged disagreement whether the country is a Christian or Circular nation.

The gathering told Legislative reporters at the Capitol, they will continue creating awareness on their concern until that august body addresses their petition.

If the National Legislature grants the petition, a constitutional referendum will have to be conducted to allow Liberians vote YES or NO to the request of declaring Liberia as a Christian State.

Though there are other citizens having equal constitutional rights to peacefully practice their respective religions in Liberia since indeed the Country’s ‘Declaration of Independence’ was signed in 1847 in the Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia.


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