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House reviews Act to amend political and independent candidates registration

WholquoinYeahgar/Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
The Capitol Building
The Capitol Building

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - The House of Representatives has instructed three of its Committees to review an act to amend guidelines relating to the registration of political and independent candidates.

The Committees are Elections and Inaugurations, Good Governance and Judiciary.

ELBC Correspondent said the law is also an amended version of March 2011, and the New Elections Laws of Liberia of 1986, that was amended 2003, 2004 and December 2014.

In a communication to that body Thursday, May 16, 2019, Montserrado County District 11 Representative, Richard Koon, proposed an amendment of section 13.2 regarding registration of candidates and parties.

Representative Koon recalled that 34 years ago; the value of United States ten thousand dollars or its equivalent in Liberian dollars cannot be equated to the present value given the current population of four million.

He also prayed amendment of 8.1B as 1984 censor shows that Liberia population was a little 2million with a UNFPA statistic proving that the country population is estimated at over 4million.

Meanwhile the Committees reviewing the matter are expected to report in two weeks.


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