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Land crisis in Johnsonville victimized 300, Prez. Weah vows to intervene

Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
a scene of some of the demolished buildings and foundations claimed to be part of a  25 acres of land.
a scene of some of the demolished buildings and foundations claimed to be part of a 25 acres of land.

JOHNSONVILL, MONTSERRADO - Six days after the demolition of 14 homes in the Johnsonville Township of Montserrado County, that claimed the attention of President George Weah, he has called for a review causes given rise to the exercise.

The National Security Advisor to President Weah, Jefferson Karmoh, said: “President Weah is ready to intervene, based on established facts from all parties, including the court examined and established facts.”

The President Security Advisor said President Weah has destined him to conduct the review and he has visited the scene and already put hold on the demolition exercise until otherwise.

According to Mr. Karmoh, President Weah promised if the review finds any judicial miscarriage, or otherwise, he will take appropriate measures to correct that and restore peace between the two parties.

The May 14, 2019, Unification Day’s demolition in the  Pepperwood Community, Johnsonville Township, affected businesses, including a church, and displayed about 300 residents, including women, school going children and men.

The victims are appealing to organizations for assistance to avoid humanitarian crisis, and are also calling on President Weah for intervention.  

Many of the victims ELBC talked to including Alfred Tumu, who lost a five bed room house, said: " We are outside the estate of Mr. Christopher Gittens, I wondered why he would demolish our home and divastate my family? I need due process of law, becuase this situation is c  crual and disturbing".

The Administrator of the late James Gittens, Sr. Intestate Estate, Christopher Gittens, who ordered the demolition, has claimed responsibility for the action.

Mr. Gittens said: “ Humanly, I regret the demolition action but  I acted on court’s order to set a precedence, because those who are victimized have their grantors’ names  mentioned in the previous survey conducted on my 25 acres of land  I am claiming in the community”. 


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