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Police investigates the death of 21 years old Odell Sherman

Jarp Davies /Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
The late Odell Sherman
The late Odell Sherman

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberian National Police says it is investigating two possible circumstances that led to the recent death of a 21 year old student, Odell Sherman, in the Duazon Community in Lower Margibi County.

It is reported that Odell was discovered unconscious in the compound of one Rev. Emmanuel Giddings before taken to the ELWA Hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

The deceased reportedly went out at a local entertainment center to celebrate the end of WASSCE Exams with some friends, including the daughter of Rev.Emmanuel Giddings before the incident occurred.

But speaking to ELBC Tuesday, May 28, 2019, Police Spokesman, Moses Carter, said:” Investigators are looking into circumstances that the deceased fell or she was sexually assaulted.”

Carter explained that there is no suspect for now, but several individuals, including Mr. Giddings, some friends of the deceased and others who are persons of interest are cooperating with police investigations.

According the Police Spokesperson, the body of Odell Sherman is at the Saint Moses Funeral Parlour awaiting an autopsy to determine the actual cause of death.

According to ELBC Online investigative Team, the death certificate revealed bleeding from the ear, which suggests she either died as a result of sexual abuse or from falling, something the Police considers as confusing and might only be established by pathologists.

In a conference Monday, May 27, 2019, in Duazon, Rev. Giddings, showed the interior of his home, including where the deceased body was before taking to the hospital.

But Giddings, now a Person of Interest, according to the Police, said he is “not bothered by the sentiments on social media and community residents”.

He said: “I heard side comments on social media and I don’t want to comment on that, because people take rumors and not facts.”

“The girl I took the station is not a friend to the deceased, she was one of the girls who slept in the room,” he said.

Rev.Giddings then recalled that about a month ago, one of his daughters asked him to permit her to hold a study camp with her classmates in his home for the WASSACE exams.  

“So, I went and bought them three mattresses… And that was the part I played in getting the children together [for the camp],” He explained.

“The only other encounters I had with them when they came to me and complained about hunger – and then I’ll give them money to buy food.”

The girls continued with their exam’s activities until May 21, when the dreadful incident occurred. “It was on the morning of May 20th as I was getting ready to go to work, my daughter came to me and made an additional request,” he recalls.  

“She told me that they were finishing their WASSCE on that morning and that I should please give her permission for her and her friends to go out together. 

“Initially, I discouraged the idea and told her that it was not necessary [and that] they should wait and see the result and upon graduation then we can celebrate.”

But his daughter again convinced him that her colleagues’ parents had given permission and that they had already saved some money for their entertainment.   

He delayed his permission but would later agree.

“I discouraged it again but she pleaded so passionately that her friends were all excited to be together that evening… so I told her that ‘I will give you three hours – if you leave at 8 o’clock be back at 11’.”

After his daughter went out with her friends, he went to his pool room to play, a recreation he does most evening. He was later joined by a couple of friends, he said.

After several games, his friends left so he opted to take a shower before bed. But realizing that it was after midnight and the girls were not back from, he was upset and made several calls to them.

While he was on the phone, his son then informed him that “one of his daughter’s friends” was bleeding and lying in the unfinished house. 

“I thought it was epilepsy or something – [because] when a person has a seizure they can fall down,” he said of his instant reaction to the incident.

According to him, the girl was lying under the stairs with blood oozing from around her head.

“I got so upset immediately, I couldn’t lift her up because of the condition of my arm –[so] I told Abraham [to] go and call the neighbors,” he said.

In a couple of minutes, the yard was filled with neighbors, he said. And the girl, apparently unconscious, was put on his car and taken to the ELWA hospital, where was later pronounced dead by doctors..



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