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Liberian Govt. restates commitment to providing security for strikers

BST/Govt. of Liberia/ Maximilian K.Kasseh
Justice Minister Musa Dean
Justice Minister Musa Dean

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Government of Liberia has reaffirmed its commitment to provide security for the peaceful of assembly of citizens on June 7 under the auspices of the Council of Patriots.

The commitment was made in a meeting convened by the Ministry of Justice with the Council of Patriots on June 4, 2019, to discuss and agree on issues of security and protocol to be observed on June 7.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Justice said the parties agreed that the assembly point will be on Capitol Hill and that people travelling at the assembly point, from different directions, will be granted police protection and unhindered access.

Those travelling from Paynesville, Congo Town, etc. by way of Sinkor will use the 12th Street diversion THROUGH Jallah Town and those travelling from across the Gabriel Tucker Bridge and Central Monrovia will access the assembly point through Camp Johnson Road and the UN Drive.

The UN Commission on Human Rights and ECOWAS have all committed to deploying observers during the peaceful assembly.

According to the statement, the meeting was observed by the UN Resident Coordinator, the AU Ambassador and the Special Representative of ECOWAS to Liberia.


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