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Illegal fishing causes Gov. important revenue loss

NAFAA Boss Emma Glasco
NAFAA Boss Emma Glasco

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Director General of the National Fisheries and Aqua-culture of Liberia (NAFAA) says illegal fishing results to significant loss in Government’s revenue that could be used to support essential sectors of Liberia’s economy.

Emma Glasco said: “The effective operation of the Collaborative Management Association (CMA) will promote a sustainable fishing industry, economic empowerment of fishermen and increase in fish production to satisfy consumers demand.”

Madam Glasco called for collaborative efforts approach between the Government of Liberia and CMA in protecting ocean resources to strengthen partnership between Government and Fishermen.

She asserted that illegal fishing has been drastically reduced by eighty percent; a significant effort in boosting Liberia’s economy.

The NAFAA Boss also lauded the Liberian Coast Guard for making significant strides in monitoring the Liberian Waters.


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