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Guinean Envoy extols Pres. Weah for good leadership…

Julius Konton/Maximilian K.Kasseh

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Guinean Special Envoy to Liberia Dr. Diene Keita has extolled president George Weah and his government for good leadership and sustenance of peace in Liberia.

Dr. Keïta praised the people of Liberia for their kindness and dynamism and hope for more exchange of brotherhood between the two Countries, including strengthening the economic and social collaboration.

She spoke to reporters Sunday, June 23, 2019, after a brief meeting with President George Weah at his office and said it is now time that the two West African Countries reinforced better collaboration for the benefits of the respective governments.

According to Guinean Special Envoy, Guinea is committed to strengthening security, economic and social ties for the good of the Country’s population.

Dr. Keïta then noted that President Alpha Conde is extending an invitation to President Weah to discuss further in the best interest of their respective Countries.


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