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Oilers pipe Pythons to earn six straight wins

By Richard Manubah

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-Defending Liberian Basketball Champions, LPRC Oilers, pinned their strong rivals, NPA Pythons, to keep a clean slate in the first phase of the 2013 league season.

The encounter took place Sunday 7th April, 2013 at the Sports Commission on Broad Street in Monrovia.

LPRC Oilers have won the Liberian Basketball Championship in a row, during two consecutive seasons.

Oilers may have billed themselves over the once deadly Pythons, owing to their well composed squad.

The squad has spent more than two seasons playing together, while NPA Pythons is rebuilding entirely its squad, filled with young players and a few familiar big names in the league before the start to the season.

Mark Smith, their own wonder boy, whom they molded, is included, but he slipped off their hands to experience life with two other clubs.

Leading the onslaught against Pythons were the sensational Bing brothers, John and Jethro. They classically partnered alongside Pythons’ former talisman, Samuel Davidson, whom fans popularly call ‘Bull-dog’.

John and Jethro ensured that Oilers won on top, scoring in the first three quarters before eventually winning the tie 64-54.

The Sunday night epic encounter was one of the most attended fixtures this season in the Liberia Basketball Association national league, seeing a crowded sports commission gymnasium, with both Oilers and Pythons’ fans numbering more than three thousand.

Before he was hit by health problem [cardiac], Mark Smith was unarguably the fastest player on the Basketball court in Liberia, and even in his recovery, he showcased some of his abundant skills. Poor health then kept him out of action for nearly two years.

His introduction to the Oilers duel was marked by clean 3-points shot, and his Pythons squad fought hard, but not enough to escape their 1st defeat of the season to LPRC Oilers.

Pythons Captain, Rafael Quaye, said: “Our game plan didn’t just work as strategized.” Oilers are now on a good path to defend their double championship.

“Too much is not running through my head that I have won the season, because each game has a technical plan and opponents sometimes succeed in tracking down “your system or game plan,” team head coach, Paul Hulsen, told mylbsonline.

Tsingtao Beer, the company currently showing strong interest in the game, is driving towards bringing relieve to Liberian basketball, in terms of sponsorship, seems to be getting familiar with the fans at the sports commission.

They were seen inside the gym promoting the game through their CEO, Wilson Nyanneh.

Nyanneh told mylbsonline, his plan is to infuse some dynamism and quality into the basketball game in Liberia. Like football, basketball game in Liberia has also taken some up-the-ladder progress.

Tsingtao Beer is the official sponsor of the United States of America NBA league.

“I thought it was a good decision to introduce the company to Liberia. With Basketball being active in the country, we can sort things out with the leadership and set some things straight in terms of again attracting the interest and support of the fans. Yes, we will bring in some money to get this done and am committed to such plan and partnership,” CEO Nyanneh said.


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