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1000 low-income units in sight

Liberian Observer/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
NHA Managing Director Cecelia Cuffy Brown and Chief Executive Officer of Shelter Afrique, Andrew Chimphondah
NHA Managing Director Cecelia Cuffy Brown and Chief Executive Officer of Shelter Afrique, Andrew Chimphondah

NAIROBI, KENYA-The National Housing Authority (NHA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Shelter Afrique for the construction of 1000 housing units for “low income earners.”

According to the release, the ceremony was held in Nairobi, Kenya, and  NHA was  represented by Cecelia Cuffy Brown, Managing Director, while Shelter Afrique was represented by Andrew Chimphondah, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

The release quotes Madame Brown as saying the MoU is a formal process of reinforcing existing collaboration between the two organizations since the formation of Shelter Afrique in 1982, and a first step in the right direction of NHA’s strategic partnerships under President’s George Weah’s Pro-poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity.

She said that since the formation of Shelter Afrique in 1982, Liberia has been a potential member of the entity, but there has been no intervention.

The NHA Managing Director said that her administration was grateful to have such a unique platform with Shelter Afrique and, by the signing of said MoU between the two entities, “it sets an historic era at the NHA for the construction of 1000 affordable and affluent communities across Liberia, thus creating job opportunities for many Liberians.”

She expressed NHA’s openness to partner with other non-governmental organizations, private sector and communities with shared vision in addressing the housing needs of the vulnerable and low-income Liberians consistent with the government’s Pro-poor Agenda.

Madame Brown said the intervention would be implemented under the partnership as crucial to the sustainable delivery of adequate and affordable housing, especially to residents of slum communities.

Mr. Chimphondah said that his organization is driven by the vision that everyone needs a decent place to live.

He said that both Shelter Afrique and NHA share the vision of providing greater access to adequate, affordable and affluent communities for low income and vulnerable communities and, therefore, planned to achieve the objective through working with partners in public, private and community sectors.
Chimphondah assured Madam Brown of his entity’s commitment to the process, and promised to ensure that the project will be implemented to the fullest.

Shelter Afrique was established in 1982 by African governments, the African Development Bank (AfDB), African Reinsurance Corporation (Africa–Re) and CDC (UK’s Development Finance Institution) with the mandate of mobilizing resources for housing development in Africa.


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