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Liberian born Ghanaian base songstress talks about Xenophobia in Ghana

LIBSTARSVIEW/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
Irene Logan
Irene Logan

Liberian songstress Irene Logan has lived for many years in Ghana and got to the scene of music from a competition called “The Stars of the Future ,” where she emerged the winner of the competition.

Throughout the competition she portrayed everything Ghanaian and the country got to know her real nationality after she was announced the winner.

She gain a lot of popularity from her duo “Irene and Jane” herself and Ghanaian songstress Efya. It seems that it took her a lot of courage and great deal of time to come up with her assertion. The artiste took to her Tweeter account and posted this below.

“The depth of Xenophobia in Ghana towards other African citizens runs very deep! Especially towards #Nigerians and #Liberians ”
Her tweet has been getting mix reactions on social media, but the artiste doesn’t seem moved by the derogatory comments towards her.


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