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CDC concedes defeat to Collaborating Parties, as Darius Dillon leads

Jonathan Grigsby/ Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
The Liberty Party / Coalition parties Senatorial Candidate, Abraham Darius Dillon
The Liberty Party / Coalition parties Senatorial Candidate, Abraham Darius Dillon

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has conceded defeat, and congratulates opposition Candidate, Abraham Darius Dillon as a presumptive winner of the Senatorial By-Election winner in Montserrado County.

The National Elections Commission (NEC), in its first Provisional results in the Montserrado Senatorial and District – #15 Representative By-Elections, put Liberty Party and the other Collaborating parties Candidate, Mr.  Dillion and the Coalition for Democratic Change Candidate Abu Kamara in the lead.    

Mr. Dillon obtained the total votes of 53,270, amounting to 531 which is 36.95%. At the same time, CDC Representative Candidate Abu Kamara, got the total vote of 5,515 which 45.95%, with the All Liberian Party Candidate, Telia Urey, received the votes of 548 amounting to 37.89%.

In a statement released Thursday, August 1, 2019 the CDC Chairman, Mulbah Morlu said: “Results from the just ended by-elections is not only a call to action but an instance for the party and its government to change course”.

Mr, Molu said the time is now for some hard decisions to be taken both in government and the party to restore trust and confidence. “Officials of CDC who are serving in the Legislature and the Executive to work in accordance with the Pro-Poor Agenda or vacate the government and party”, the CDC Chairman warned.

Mr. Mulbah also congratulated Abu Kamara, as a presumptive winning candidate in the Montserrado County’s District # 15 Representative by-election. Meanwhile, more provisional results are expected to be released by the NEC in the coming days.


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