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Passport Director Wonplo goes to jail

Fabine Kwiah/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
 Passport Director, Andrew Wonplo
Passport Director, Andrew Wonplo

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Monrovia City Court has sent to jail the Passport Director, Andrew Wonplo, for alleged economic sabotage, misapplication of entrusted property and tempering with public records.

The Passport and Visa Bureau was entrusted with 4,250 pieces of blank passports under the supervision of Defendant Andrew Wonplo, in July 2019.

Out of the 4,250, pieces, 4,180 were recorded and issued to applicant and accounted for, while 70 pieces were reported damaged.

According to records in the possession of ELBC, out of the 70 damaged passports, 66 could be traced while 4 were accounted for.

It was also established that seven Liberian passports were confiscated from the Passport Director’s home during a search and seizure exercise sanctioned by the Court.

At the same time, seventeen birth certificates were issued to fifteen persons by the Bureau of Vital Statistics, along with one fake birth certificate belonging to one Kafumba Dukuly, bearing registration number 32-LM20122403105.

Police investigations have revealed that some birth certificates were also confiscated from the home of the Passport Director.


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