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Gov. holds Special Presidential, Legislative Retreat

Varflay Kamara/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
The Farmington Hotel,Lower Margibi,Liberia
The Farmington Hotel,Lower Margibi,Liberia

LOWER MARGIBI COUNTY, LIBEERIA-Members of the Executive and Legislature are holding a two day Special Presidential and Legislative Retreat in Lower Margibi County.

The Retreat is being presided over by President George Weah with all members of the Liberian Senate and House of Representatives in attendance.

According to our Executive Mansion reporter, President Weah and the lawmakers are discussing series of national issues including the economy and legislation of laws that benefit the Country.

Also high on the agenda, according to our reporter, could be ensuring a good working relationship between both branches of government and political actors to reduce the political tension.

Meanwhile, the participants have expressed the hope that decisions reached at the two day event will be in the interest of national development.


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