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Legislature assures Prez. Weah of timely passage of laws

Varflay Kamara/ Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
Senate Pro-tempore, Albert Chie
Senate Pro-tempore, Albert Chie

MARGIBI, LIBERIA-President George Weah, has concluded a joint   Cabinet and Legislative Retreat, thus proposing a timely amendment of seven propositions with more than ten bills for ratification by the Legislature. 

The Senate Pro-tempore, Albert Chie, has ensured President Weah, saying:   “The bills will be processed for onward consideration before the September break this year, most of these bills and propositions submitted by President Weah are being reviewed in committee rooms at both houses”.

President Weah was specific in his request to the law makers to amend Article 28 to grant dual citizenship for Negroes or persons of Negro descent and to amend Article 50 to reduce, reducing the six years Presidential tenures to five years.

Others include the reduction of the tenures of Senators from nine years to seven years and Representatives from six years to five years respectively. The retreat is in consistent with Article 2 of the Liberian Constitution which calls for coordination among the three branches of government for the sole purpose of enhancing good governance.

The Liberian leader presided over the two days Special Joint Retreat, beginning Friday, August 16, and ended Saturday, 17, 2019 at the Farmington Hotel, Harbel City, Margibi County.

Other members of the 54th Legislature have also the Executive Branch of their interventions into some of the constitutional amendments submitted to them.

For his part, RiverGee Senator, Commany Wesseh said: “The Senate is doing little to checkmate those they confirm for public offices as some of those appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate have engaged into acts that are undermining the peace and security of the country”.

Senator Wesseh observed that some appointed and confirmed officials by the Liberian Senate have become corrupt and fraudulent in their capacities and called for a follow up on the deeds and actions of Presidential appointees.   


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