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Supreme Court orders Judge Richard Klah's name send to Legislature

Fabine W. Kwiah
The Supreme Court of Liberia
The Supreme Court of Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Supreme Court has ordered the Clerk of Court to communicate with House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, to forward the name of Judge Richard Klah.

It is intended to afford Judge Klah, the opportunity to defend himself before the Legislature, for possible impeachment proceedings.

The Supreme Court in its ruling over the weekend said Judge  Klah has reportedly violated judicial cannon and criminal statute for which he was found guilty but wants the involvement of the Legislature into the matter.

It can be recalled that Swansey Fallah, General Manager of the Kingdom Business Center submitted to the Chief Justice a letter of complaint against Judge Richard Klah, alleging that he was seriously injured by the conduct of the judge Klah.

Mr. Fallah alleged that on December 24, 2015, during the night hours, he received a strange call from a man introducing himself as Judge Klah of the Commercial Court, an allegation denied by Judge Klah.

But after call logs were brought before the court hearing, it indicated that there were transactions between Judge Klah and Kingdom Business Manager, Swansey Fallah.


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