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Bar Association, EU, US Embassy, NEC condemned electoral violence

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a pictorial from the violence
a pictorial from the violence

MONROVIA, Liberia- Amidst the Montserrado County District #15 electoral violence, the Liberia Bar Association(LBA), the United States Embassy and the European Union(EU) and the National Elections Commission(NEC) have condemned and expressed concern over the wave of violence. 

In separate statements, while the Liberia Bar Association see the violence as serious threat to the rule of law, peace and stability of Liberia.

“Electoral violence is most often a product of intolerance of opposing views and action by political rivals in society”.  The Bar is calling on government to launch a speedy investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The EU and the US Embassy is jointly urging all Liberians, especially political leaders and supporters of political parties to avoid hate speech that will enhance tensions and undermine the peace and stability of Liberia.

According to the joint democratic missions, the August 17, 2019 violence took place between supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and wants the leaders and supporters to now ensure a peaceful completion of the electoral process.

For their part, the NEC condemned the act of violence, saying the violence has led to injuries of citizens and destruction of prosperities but it will not hesitate to apply the law in accordance with Article 80 (a) and (b) of the Liberian Constitution, in the event of electoral violence.

According to Article 80(a): “Parties or organizations which, by reason of their aims or the behavior of their adherents, seek to impair or abolish the free democratic society of Liberia or to endanger the existence of the Republic shall be denied”.

While Article 80 (b) says: “Parties or organization which retain, organize, train or equip any person or group of persons for the use or display of physical force or coercion in promoting any political objective or interest, trained or equipped, shall be denied registration, or if registered, shall have their registration revoked”.    


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