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Facing growing HIV/AIDS infection -NAC/UNAIDS want media interventions

Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
ANTI- AIDS Members Journalists and other partners pose with UNAIDS' Country Director  to Liberia, Dr.  Mariam Chipimo
ANTI- AIDS Members Journalists and other partners pose with UNAIDS' Country Director to Liberia, Dr. Mariam Chipimo

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - The United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS) Country Director to Liberia, Mariam Chipimo is cautioning stakeholders to fast track awareness on HIV/ AIDS to reduce high infection of the virus.

According to Dr. Chipimo: “Liberia is ranked 98% of HIV tested pregnant mothers in West and Central Africa; with about 80% 13,000 people are currently on HIV/AIDS treatment”.  

Madam Chipimo, was addressing the Anti-AIDS Media Network’s first media partners’ consultation on Liberia’s HIV/AIDS Media Guide revision; held August 23, 2019 in Monrovia.

She further noted that UNAIDS and the Liberia National AIDS Commission (NAC) have rolled out program at all antenatal clinics in preventing HIV/AIDS treatment to stop transmission from Mothers to babies.

Dr. Chipimo said the mothers’ male partners of about 26,000 of them are likely to be HIV/positive was not identified.The UNAIDS Representative, disclosed that Liberia has an estimated 1,900 New HIV Infections rate while as about 1,700 deaths is recorded yearly.

She urged media institutions and member journalists of the Media AIDS Network to insist on the right information to communicate people living with the virus, convincingly seek medical treatment without fear and discrimination and stigmatization.  

The NAC’s Partnership Coordinator, Zubah T. Mulbah Sr. questioned stakeholders allowing erroneous information on the cure of HIV/AIDS from major media houses without anything is being done.

Mr. Mulbah Sr. said: “The MODEL Law in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other health regulations is not being enforced even to the extent that most Journalists are either not aware to use or have refused deliberately not to use the law, is worrisome”.

The NAC Coordinator, caution comes against a former complaint filed with the Ministry of Health, against the promotions of so-called traditional herbalists to have the cure of HIV/AIDS, STDs and other critical health related ailments is wrong and need to be brought to book.

For their part, Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Program Officer, James L. Davids, reminded that: “We as media practitioners have the greatest platforms and committed to sending the messages out to both ‘People Living With HIV/AIDS’ and those who do not or those not inform of the facts of the virus. This gathering, we can use our expertise to come up with new terminologies that we can use to send out the needed communication that will educate the public”.     


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