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Caromas Intl identifies lack of customer service ethics

By Jos Garneo Cephas
Caromas International Director and Trainer, Mr. Thomas Woahloe
Caromas International Director and Trainer, Mr. Thomas Woahloe

(mylbsonline/Liberia)- A survey conducted by Caromas International has recognized the need to encourage Liberian businesses improve on customer service ethics in the service sector of the country.

Caromas International, a registered Liberian Company, says there is the need to introduce modern business ethics among Liberian service providers.

The company is specialized in customer ethics and service-related training.

According to Caromas International Director and Trainer, a survey, conducted among more than one hundred Liberian business centers in Monrovia, shows that about 80% of them are  practicing bad business ethics and customer service.

Mr. Thomas Woahloe said: “Caromas International is undertaking three to six month evaluation exercise to identify organizational needs for a sustained campaign to creating awareness on how to improve customer service in Liberia.”

Mr. Woahloe attributed bad customer service and ethics to the lack of awareness, breakdown in infrastructures, fear of harassment among female entrepreneurs and service providers, as well as misconception.

“Caromas International has embarked on a free-training workshop from April 25 to 26, 2013 for more than 40 selected participants,” he added.

The 40 selected participants will be drawn from a cross section of companies, including cooperate businesses, especially those in the service industry.

The Caromas International Director and Trainer made the statement in an interview with mylbsonline Thursday April 16, 2013.


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